Though Mez Ticaret was founded in 2016, as trader and shipper  we are inheriting Şen Ihracat's three generatian of legacy -which was founded in1971.

Şen İhracat was one of the main Dry Raisins and Sultanas packer and shipper for 47 years, from Turkey.

She has a plant of 16.000 m2 open area and 6500 m2 covered area for production.
Şen İhracat was exporting nearly 9-10.000 mt tons Turkish Sultana Raisins yearly.
At 2016, Şen İhracat has stopped her production at top of their trade life.

But, The Export Manager and %50 partner of the Şen İhracat Company İlhan ZİNCİRCİOĞLU has launched his own company  with name of Mez Ticaret with 45 years of experience at Dry Fruit sector.- 

We have the ability to access the best quality goods via broad range of growers in Turkey. Therefore we provide the best dried fruits Sultanas, Raisins, dry fruits besides Dry Tomates.
We skilled at trading and shipping both  convertional and Organic products.

All the suppliers we are working with have the necessary quality certificates as BRC, HACCP and IFS.Therefore we provide the best dried fruits troughout the world. 

As Mez ticaret, we are equipped to consult you in terms of your dry fruit trades in Turkey; such as field inspections, preparing quality reports, quality checks for Ready-to-ship products. 
In addition, the owner of our company is a board member at Izmir Commodity Exchange Executive Board, and working for several NGOs. 

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